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robert h. butler

Robert H. Butler is a husband, father, soldier, and lifelong storyteller. He has always loved telling stories; he still recalls the first story he told when he was six or seven; it was a fascinating tale featuring Willy Wonka that he typed on his typewriter and read to his little sister. When Robert pulled the paper up and looked at the words on the page, he knew what he wanted to do. Life though, life got in the way. He joined the Army, married, and had children… but Robert always remembered his love of storytelling, and ‘Story hour with dad became a rich part of his children’s nighttime routines. Later he got lucky; he got an assignment as an instructor with one of the best groups of people he’d ever had the privilege of working with. They ran their operation so well that Robert and the entire team only had to work twenty hours per week. Away from his family and with ample free time, he started writing again after almost twenty years without doing so. He wrote, of all things, fanfiction of a Japanese best light novel series that he liked called ‘Overlord’.


Robert’s work grew popular, and he eventually began writing high fantasy books with original material, taking commissions, and accepting Patreon’s support for his original work. Finally, Robert started to live his childhood dream. The author believes that there might be better writers than he is and is certain of this fact, but he pledges that there won’t be anyone who could love it more than he does because creation is not ‘just’ his happiness; it is his purpose.

Robert spent his childhood mostly in the countryside; his parents were well-off people who taught him the value of reading (one of the things he is grateful for). But when he became a soldier, he got the opportunity to travel to many different countries like Germany, Iraq, Afghanistan, and South Korea. He wrote his first fantasy adventure book at the age of eighteen, and later on, the author penned down several best fantasy books series like “Who Endures”,Adopted By Humans”Evolution Of Nobody” and many other fantasy books that could go on for a dozen novels easily. Robert also plans to write more fantasy books for adults that includes all the fantastical elements of high fantasy, adventure and much more. So delve deep into Robert’s page-turner best new fantasy books that’ll keep you on the edge of your seats.