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A Fantasy is defined as a genre in which magic or other supernatural phenomena are used in the plot, setting, or subject. Magical or mythological creatures and species other than humans, such as elves, dwarves, or goblins, are frequently included.

A Following are the types of fantasy sub-genres that author Robert Butler has used in his novels:

High Fantasy / Epic Fantasy. This subgenre is the most traditional form of fiction; high fantasy or epic fantasy takes place in a completely fictional fantasy world.

Low Fantasy.

Portal Fantasy.

Young Adult Fantasy (YA Fantasy)

Comic Fantasy.

Grimdark Fantasy.

A Robert’s Fantasy stories are created by his imagination and exist deep within it. Robert has immaculately incorporated the elements of mythology, mystical aspects, and magic. Unlike realistic genres, Robert’s high fantasy books broaden the scope to allow for a limitless array of options restricted and go far beyond typical fantasy fiction stories.

A 5 elements of fantasy should be considered:



Struggle for mastery.

Subgenre and types.

Place/setting and worldbuilding.

A Dark fantasy is occasionally used to characterize fantasy works by authors who are best known for their work in the horror genre. Robert Butler’s enthralling works are fine examples of this.

A  The novel ‘Strange Lands’ is based on 7 book series ‘Who Endures’. The plot revolves around Nua Calen Aiwenor, a woman with ambitious goals. She does not have a throne, an army, an Empire, a Kingdom, or even a city. However, she has an enchanted left hand, a good knife, her teacher, wealth, and abilities. She dreams big from these small things of conquering, ruling, and resurrecting the dead.

A Robert’s works and adaptations are littered with lines and scenes that foreshadow what’s to come. This is why his stories have a general sense of impending doom and dread. Unlike most horror stories and films, you’re worried about when the danger will strike, not if it will happen at all.

A  Stories by Author Robert H. Butler are full of enthralling books and book series, which include. Who Endures book series, Who Conquers: Ruined Hearts, Evolution Of Nobody book series, Adopted By Humans, Countdown, The Strongest In The World, How Misunderstandings made a Demon Lord, Scales Of Trust, & The Forever Queen. Buy the books now on Amazon, available in the form of Paperback Books, Kindle eBook, and Hardcover Books.