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In a world with no cities, where elves, dwarves, humans, demons, and all others, live in small settled villages or as wandering tribes, the first city to rise is to them what Gods are to ants. Spreading like a flood, only rumors carried by wanderers survive to warn those who are not yet swept away by nightmare, but in a world where nothing ever changes, who would believe it?
Until it was too late, nobody.
Nobody but the survivors, and Sadrahan is a survivor. The lone adult to escape along with his newborn daughter, it falls to him to build a new life and a new home, one that nobody can take away. And if he should accidentally become the first Demon Lord and build a Kingdom to rival the one that built his village?
Whatever keeps his daughter safe.

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Losing everything is a chance to start again, having nothing is a chance to build something. An exile from his home, and an exile within her own tribe, Archos and Ayente stand at a great crossroads in both their lives. When your own betray you, there is no choice but to place your trust in the strangest of strangers and hope for the best.

Nephew of the Emperor, the Firstborn Son of Terror’s Mother, the next in line for the throne of the Jabarian Empire, victorious general, unbeatable warrior.. Gottfried Jabara has all that one could want in life despite being barely a man’s age… everything that is… except a choice about what to do with his life.
Iris Vansi Valoisin is a slave. The daughter of a once noble house which committed treason against the Jabarian Empire. And yet deprived of all choice, she has her cunning and her iron will.
Conspiracy, treason, and terror in the heart of the Empire clash against desire, family, and destiny which will answer the question, ‘What does it mean to be ‘The Strongest in the World?’

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Dr. Charlie Manning made a mistake. Now the world is doomed, however… nobody but Charlie knows it. How much time remains? What will he do with the time he has? Can he bring himself to tell the world what he’s done, or leave it in ignorance? Only Charlie can find those answers for himself, before Earth’s final curtain. But answers… answers change everything.

Set in classical times, this children’s story tells the tale of Olivia, a child born to a wicked queen and wicked king, and how she saved her people from her parents, and her parents from themselves.

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How did religion rise? Why did it survive from prehistory up into the modern age? What will happen in the world now that it has begun to decline in every educated country in the world? Where are we going to be as a nation filled with the faithless, with closed churches and the faithful barely existing beyond isolated pockets around the nation? Answers exist for all questions, they need only be sought, herein lie the answers of one author who has researched the issue from multiple angles, written for all so that they might find understanding, and ease their fears, and find hope in a future without faith.