Who Endures the gate of death

The struggle for power has created challenges that even for all her preparations, Nua could not have planned for. There are always unknowns, always enemies, and sometimes? Sometimes even the strongest of people need to turn to for help. To that end, she welcomes Gottfried Jadara, the firstborn son of the Mother of Terror with a delivery of enchanted equipment meant to give her members of the faith an edge over all others.
There are however, levels upon levels, layers upon layers to her motives, as Gottfried represents not only her greatest hope, but also her greatest fear. If her budding Kingdom cannot meet with the empire she once called home as something approaching an equal, their allies in the war to come might one day become their destroyers. To prevent this, she sets out to win more than battles.
She wants to win the son of terror to her cause, to see her land as something that deserves to exist, lest this grandchild of a god speak against it one day. To prevent that, Nua will do anything.
But anything creates a great many…complications.