Who endures ruined hearts

For Speranzi Jadara, the paladin archer and Commander of the Black Quiver mercenary company, it was supposed to be a simple job. Escort a merchant on his journey into a neighboring region, ensure his safety, and come home alive. But for the devotee of the gods of mankind and veteran of the war against the Demon God, Damaxa, nothing ever goes as planned. After encountering Skana, a bold brigand made hard bitten by her life as a peasant, and razor sharp by her life disguising herself as a man to hide her identity from her teachers among the raiders, Speranzi Jadara’s whole world turns upside down.
Everything she believes to be true is challenged.
Everything she knows may turn out to be wrong.
And from new knowledge born of shattered faith, a new terror will be born that will change not only their lives, but the whole world around them.