Boozehounds VOL i

How does a former dlamisan military scout, a sailor of the void, go from a soldier class, to a merchant class…to a pirate class? There’s only one way. Encountering humans and finding out about pirate movies…video games… and liquor, lots…and lots… of liquor.
Herein lies the record of the rise of Bonny Red, Captain of the Red Spark, Pirate Queen of the endless void, and where her legend began…
Set in the universe of ‘Adopted By Humans’

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Boozehounds VOL II

One simple trip. Just take some xaxa fruit from point A to point B, sell it this cheap stuff at the nearest spaceport where they pay a premium for fresh food, then restock the bar of the Red Spark and move on. But for Captain Bonny Red and her crew, life can just never be that simple. Taking a shortcut to reach their destination, they encounter some zenti raiders, and some most unexpected people who will take the merry band of dlamisan space pirates on yet another misadventure that will end with their plans ruined…and an unexpected treasure along the way.

Boozehounds VOL III

All Bonny Red wanted to do was land on a world, harvest some fruit to ferment it into alcohol, and be on her way. That… and just walk around and stretch her legs on a planet instead of her ship for a little while. She wasn’t ‘supposed’ to get stuck on the planet. She wasn’t supposed to land off course. She wasn’t supposed to get caught up in an iron age massacre. She certainly wasn’t supposed to take a side, let alone lend a hand.
But faced with the desperation of a dying people, the fierce former scout turned pirate Captain cannot turn away.
Which is a pity… for the wrong side that is, after she introduces ‘Gunpowder’.

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