Adopted By Humans

adopted by humans VOL i

A fresh take on science fiction and a glimpse at humanity through the eyes of an alien who doesn’t know what ‘family’ is, until he finds one!
“Humans are the only known intelligent species to actively create ‘Found Families’ in the form of parents, children, siblings, and more.
If a human starts spending more time with you and initiating physical contact, they have probably adopted you.”
These were the words that caught my ears when attending the most prestigious university in my quadrant as a minor in alien studies.
My intrigue led me to major in the study of humans, a new race to emerge into the galactic political scene, and one that had already in a mere fifty years, captured the imaginations of numerous races.
So when the chance came to go to Earth to study them up close, to live with a human host family known to our professor, I took it.
Inside the pages of these journals, you will find the record of my observations and experiences with human beings.
More than that, you will find how what began as a curiosity that would make for an easy career in a narrow field, changed my life forever, in all the very best of ways.
That’s what happens I suppose, when you’re adopted by humans.

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adopted by humans VOL iI

Just when I thought I was safe from deportation, I wasn’t. Earth wasn’t looking to get rid of me. My homeworld wasn’t trying to pull me back. But of course there is no force on Earth or Dlamias that is quite like the power of angry academics on the loneliest planet. The center of learning and the symbol of a peace and unity that was more fragile than anyone wanted to admit…and I… their student, had proved myself a disruptive element, shaking the table on which a delicate house of cards sat that might tumble at any moment.
I had to prove my worth, the value of my work, and that adding a new species to the galactic chorus was a greater opportunity than it was a danger. But if you want the truth that lies at the heart of this volume, all I was really doing it for was to stay with my humans, the peace of the galaxy? Rising to the top of my field of study? To me, these things were merely icing on the cake.
It may sound strange, but that’s how you inevitably feel after you’re adopted by humans.
My one true regret… that I really had no idea what kind of allies were coming my way.

adopted by humans VOL iII

What can anyone say about meeting a sibling you’ve forgotten that you even have? What do you say when they come to you for help? I didn’t have any idea, that’s for sure. Bau’s arrival so soon after my recent victory in securing a long term stay on Earth, was nothing if not disruptive. Or so I thought at the time, but I had no idea how right I really was, ‘disruptive’ did not begin to cover it.
Chaotic? Mad? Dangerous? All seemed better words. Bau’s plea for help was not for her, but for ‘her humans’. The surviving remnants of the people who once lived in Chicago, a forgotten people who lived in an irradiated waste, forgotten by the larger world that assumed nothing and nobody lived there. But the government of Earth could not have been more wrong.
There were people there, people unlike any on Earth, hybrids who adapted to the radiation in unexpected ways, and who now needed help to survive. Our help. My help. I wasn’t very happy about it, not at the start… but by the end of this narration you will understand why I would not trade that experience for anything on either world.

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adopted by humans VOL IV

The story continues as I, we, all of us, strive to find a solution to the problems which plague Chi’cagoa Rea and the unfortunate demihumans who live here. Bonny Red, myself, my sister, Rebecca… all of us do our best, but sometimes good ideas can come from unexpected sources, and are all the more galling because they should have been expected. Fauve has an idea, an idea so crazy, so dangerous, so absurd, that it might just work.
And because of what we learn, I a long buried truth of human nature comes to light, and it illuminates a buried truth of my own home world’s distant past. In the end, I understand things I hadn’t contemplated before, and if I’m being honest, I have to admit it made me no happier.