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Who Endures: Hellscape


Who Endures: Trust and Betrayal

Victory brings with it many burdens, who to trust, who not to trust, who will betray, who will refrain from betraying… and why?

Nua strives to win the hearts of those whose bodies she possesses, the fear of those in her way, and the faith of those closest to her, but challenges from beyond from the ever watchful orchestrators of the careful balance of Mict’aratz are not an idle bunch.

Enemies lurk in shadows, and the hunt for a stolen life so trivial that she once did not even have a name, turns everything on its head.

Evolution of a Nobody II

Having settled in to living together… and learning of the horrific truth, Raziel and Lialah are confronted with a new and unexpected challenge… but they are not without means. Their magic has grown, their disguises are flawless… nearly. And they are ready for the challenge of a human school, Albaer’s living hell, and they’re all in it together.

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Who Endures: Strange Lands

“Wanting to be called good is the excuse people give for their cowardice in pursuing their ambitions. It’s only evil that ever really changes things, and that makes evil the only good in the world.” Such is the conviction of elven assassin, Nua Calen Aiwenor, priestess of the Unliving God, and now, warlord. Setting out from her homeland determined to achieve her dreams in the distant land of Mict’aratz, the former slave is determined to either gain the throne of an empire for herself, or a grave.

And in that choatic land, there are plenty of people who would help her to either.


Dr. Charlie Manning made a mistake. Now the world is doomed, however… nobody but Charlie knows it. How much time remains? What will he do with the time he has? Can he bring himself to tell the world what he’s done, or leave it in ignorance? Only Charlie can find those answers for himself, before Earth’s final curtain. But answers… answers change everything.

Scales of Trust

Losing everything is a chance to start again, having nothing is a chance to build something. An exile from his home, and an exile within her own tribe, Archos and Ayente stand at a great crossroads in both their lives. When your own betray you, there is no choice but to place your trust in the strangest of strangers and hope for the best.

Evolution of a Nobody

Albaer has nothing good in his life, and a whole lot of bad. An outcast in his home town, regarded as ‘the seed of evil’ because of his father’s selfishness and greed, nobody seems to care what is done to him. Indifferent teachers, bullies who think of him only as an easy target for his passive unwillingness to fight back in his desperate attempt to prove his fundamental goodness, the one thing that lets him endure is a video game. The only thing, that is, until an angel and a demon appear in his room, confused, lost, and afraid… their attempt to summon his video game character into their world has backfired. Now they are trapped in a world where they are mere mythology. Out of pity for their distress, and knowing what his world would do to them, he allows Lialah and Raziel to remain with him, and none of their lives will ever be the same…
For better, or for worse.